Amazing Collaboration between AMI and AEIL!

ONE Aisin Family: Aisin plants collaborate to provide PPE support for local hospital

Two Aisin plants have joined together to help ease the pressure of PPE shortages at an Illinois hospital. AISIN Electronics Illinois (AEIL) and AISIN Manufacturing Illinois (AMI) reached out to Southern Illinois Healthcare (SIH) after it was determined that facial protective gear was an immediate need.

Both AEIL and AMI have 3D printing capabilities and quickly started prototyping facemasks and face shield models. AMI supplied the parts for the shield; and AEIL supplied the chin straps. Engineers tested the 3D printed parts for fit and function and after the proper PPE models were finalized, two facemask models and one face shield model were submitted to SIH. The face shield model was selected and 50 were produced and delivered to an appreciative SIH.

Special thanks to Dennis Putman and Bill Bledsoe for leading their prospective teams in this venture and the strong character, work ethic and community mindedness of the AISIN Marion team members for making this contribution possible.