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AMI is proud to manufacture a wide range of products for some of the most demanding customers in the automotive industry including Toyota, General Motors, Lexus, and Subaru. These products include Sunroofs, Slide and Back Door components, Center Pillar Garnishes, Roof Rails, Grille Shutters, and Door Handles. 




Sunroofs are located on top of the vehicle. They retract to expose the passenger compartment.  Sunroofs are produced for Toyota, Lexus, and GM.

 Panoramic Sunroof

A Panoramic Sunroof is an automatic sunroof that is displayed over the entire roof which has a moveable panel that retracts to expose the interior of the car. Located on the top of the roof, the opening allows fresh air into the passenger compartment.

Outside Door Handle 

 Outside Door Handle is used to open and close a vehicles door. AISIN makes handles for a variety of makes and models.

Antenna Integrated Door Handle 

 Antenna Integrated Door Handle for smart key systems.

Center Pillar Garnishment 

 A Center Pillar Garnishment is the vertical support of a vehicle’s window area.

Grille Shutter 

 A Grill Shutter open and close automatically to reduce aerodynamic drag while allowing for proper cooling of the engine.