2017 Aisin Quality Circle Competition (Japan)

Earlier this month, the Painted Ladies ventured to Japan to compete in the 2017 Aisin Quality Circle Competition. The Painted Ladies consist of Dayna Grizzell, Mary Childers, Kelsey Hines, and Assistant Manager Cindy Laur. The team competed against 40 other teams from across the globe. Countries such as Canada, Indonesia, India, China, Turkey as well as our US AMI team presented their QC presentations. The Painted Ladies were given participation awards, but most importantly they were presented with “The Most Impressive Award” for their work on reducing scratch marks.

Their trip began with an introduction to Japan, Aisin Seiki, and the QC Competition. The team was able to tour Aisin sister plants and partake in group activities.  The team was also able to have fun and sightsee while in Japan. They meet up with our AMI Aisin Academy member Craig Goeke, who took them to visit the Nagoya and Inuyama castles and shop at Osu Kanoon.

Painted Lady Kelsey Hines expressed, “We met some awesome people and took excellent advantage of our weekend off. Japan was a great life experience, and we are glad we had the opportunity to represent AMI as the Painted Ladies.”