2018 Aisin Mile Clean Up

Another Aisin Mile Clean Up has come to an end. This year we had a total of 220 volunteers in attendance with 180 being from AMI. Team members worked together to clean up Redco Drive along with a portion of DeYoung Ave (Hwy 13). The cleanup began the morning of April 21st at 7:00 a.m. Alongside repurposing pallets and recycling items within the facility, this is another step AMI is taking in beautifying and maintaining our environment. AMI has remained “Zero Landfill” since 2009.

While participating in the Aisin Mile Clean Up, a couple team members were able to reunite a Southern Illinois veteran with a prized possession. A Marion man lost a hat very dear to him when the hat flew off his head while traveling down highway 13 on April 12th. The hat was signed and held a patch from the man’s 1st deployment to Iraq and held pins from his father’s marine uniform. While cleaning up the side of highway 13, Jeff McGee came across the hat. Andrea Lane posted on Facebook and found the owner. Khaled Skaf traveled to return the hat to its rightful owner the very same day.